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Wednesday June 1st,

We have safely arrived here in Spanish Wells! We got to do a little sightseeing on the airplane because a flash rainstorm prevented us from landing. ALL THE LUGGAGE ARRIVED ON TIME! AND EVERYONE MADE IT THROUGH CUSTOMS EASILY. (Unlike Rosie Albenice last year!) When we got off the boat, we were greeted by the Boykin family and the new interns. We were all excited to see a familiar face, Manning Mercer, who is interning for the next month. As soon as we were given free time, we immediately got on golfcarts to jump off the bridge. As usual the interns prepared dinner. Rachel and the Boykins led us in a devotion that prepared our hearts for serving in Blackwood. We ended the night at Papa Scoops, our favorite ice cream shack! Tomorrow is an early morning! Most of us will be snorkeling with Judy Wright at shipwrecks and coral reefs! Tomorrow, we will also be making our first of many trips to Blackwood and looking forward to the week that follows! Please continue to pray for all of us serving as well as the families of Blackwood. Thank you for all of your support. We will continue to keep you updated daily.

 Thursday June 2,      Hey guys! We're wrapping up day two of our trip with some worship. It was an early morning of snorkeling and, in the boys case, spear fishing. After a quick message from Tim and cereal with frozen milk, most of the us got into boats and set off to snorkel at a 40 year-old ship wreck about 15 minutes off shore. There, we saw a variety of colorful fish, stingrays, barracudas, and, sunken "treasure" - aka rusted metal. It was absolutely incredible, jokes aside, and we experienced the bluest water a bunch of kids from Brunswick could ever imagine. After, we went to a coral reef on the other side of the island, where we saw a nursing shark. Assuringly, the captain reminds us that the shark would not bother us... and then continued to tell a story about how he was bit by one in his younger years on the calf. Soon, the rain started coming in and we decided it was not our calling to become storm chasers, so we headed back to Spanish Wells. With the storm rolling in suit, we couldn't help but stop and squeal as a little dolphin swam past us.      In the mean time, the interns and those who chose not to snorkel sorted clothes. When we returned, we all gathered and shared stories and prepared to see the kids. In excitement, we ate our lunch, took showers and headed off to Blackwood. All the kids were so excited to see us and played with us for about two hours. We played kickball, and ships and sailors.  At around 5:30, we all gathered and headed over to a Boykin-built house named the Community Center. The last time we saw the center, it was nothing more than an empty room with concrete floors. Now, it is tiled and painted, equipped with a flat screen TV, a book shelf of Bibles, air conditioning, and, yes, even wifi! We played a game; don't ask me the name of it because I honestly don't think it has one. It was so cute! A kid would get in the middle of the circle and say something along the lines of "Hey. My name is Jackson and I like to dance." and anyone who had that in common had to get up and find a new chair, last one standing was the middle man. After, we had some worship with the kids, and a lesson about identity, courtesy of Rachel Hardin. We fed them hotdogs and chips, which, apparently, Ruffles are the best thing ever made, because kids were begging and bartering to get a bag. Then we went home and ate homemade pizza with rosemary in the dough (yum). Taylor Hardin led us in a bit of worship and read scripture. Speaking from the heart, he gave us a quick testimony about his brother who passed away, which helped ease some of our friends pain who related to his experience in some ways. The worship on his speaker was so moving and brought us all close over the night.      Despite the obstacles, everyone really did enjoy seeing the kids today. It was extremely moving to watch. Even with all of our hardships back home, we managed to set aside those things and serve the children with a whole heart. The experience was unlike anything we have ever had before. Much love to all you guys back home! We all miss you guys so much already! Thanks for all the support -- its much needed. 

June 5,
Welcome to comedy hour with Taylor, Will, Icy Hot (Jack), License Plate (James), Dad aka Grumper aka Luke, and the Wizard of Oz (Chris).  We've had some pretty interesting encounters over the past several days and we are here tonight to commentate on these experiences.  Our day started nice and early when the interns : Christian, Garrek, Makayla, Ashley, and Manning pranked James real hard with a salty fire extinguisher right around day break, to put it in layman's, James got sprayed down with a fire extinguisher like a forest fire in July.  After church, the boys and girls fired over to the ever popular lunch spot "Eagles Landing"...the shenanigans continued. The boys proceeded to write messages to the waitress in ketchup on their plates. The maneuver was unsuccessful and the boys walked off in shame. Shortly there after, Dad aka Luke wrangled in the boys for a phat cleaning session in the boys cottage.Then we went over to the ferry to catch our ride to Blackwood to play with the kids. At Blackwood, the team engaged in a Vacation Bible School style gathering with the Haitian children. We sang 3 worship songs, and had the children make tambourines with paper plates and beans, Rachel shared the Gospel with the children in a powerful message. After the VBS style gathering, it was time to play. It was Blackwood vs Golden Isles FCA in all out battle of kickball. The Haitians won.
After arriving back on Spanish Wells, a few of us engaged in a session of bridge jumping hitting back flips, gainers, and even a dive or two off of the 30 foot launching pad. We shot over to a nice dinner of lasagna + salad and bread (cooked by Will and James) and had a powerful testimony time by the interns. Rachel and Rosie killed it during worship time. After that, we headed over to Papa Scoop's for some soft serve, milkshake like, ice cream.
We hit up the water tower for a group session with Uncle Tim. After, we hit a trail riding sesh in the golf cart.
While writing this blog, Will initiated a sneak attach water gun assault session on Mrs. Beautiful Lori's Group that turned into an all out brawl with Becky because he sprayed the remnants on her.
We hope you enjoyed this comedy hour as much as we had fun writing it, much love...
Taylor, Will, Jack, James, Luke, and Chris

Monday June 6,     

This morning, Mrs. Judy talked with us about her love for contemporary christian music and gave us a bit of devotion. Then, we packed our stuff to go snorkeling and fishing. The fishing boat consisted of Becky, Rosie, Bruno, Luke, Will, James, and Morgan and, in all, we caught about 30 fish. While everyone else was reeling them in, Rosie had quite a hard time catching any at all.... for the whole three hours. The snorkeling team went out and hit a few reefs and jumped off another cliff. Then we all came back together to have lunch. After an hour or so of preparation, we headed over to Blackwood to spend some time with the kids. We had a lesson about being Jesus's treasure and then went on a treasure hunt. It was so cute to see the kids follow the clues to the hidden box. Once they opened the treasure box, they all screamed with excitement to see that it was filled to the top with beaded necklaces. Around 5:30, we all headed back for home, where we sat on the dock and talked until our ferry came. At the house, we had a dinner of fajitas, which were so good. Mr. Tim gave us the lesson. He compared our thirst for water to the thirst we have for God. Especially during this week, we have become well acquainted with the idea of thirst. Mr. Tim asked us what happens when we don't drink water. Many answered with things like "you'll get a head ache" or "your throat will be dry", but those were not the answers  to the metaphor. Will said "your pee becomes dark" and Mr. Tim said "EXACTLY!". He continued to explain that when we don't drink water, the things that come out of us become dark and, when we don't read the word and refresh ourselves with the Lord, the things that come out of us become dark, too. You may think this is weird, but, to a group of high schoolers who understand extreme thirst, it was PERFECT. It was one of my favorite lessons I had ever heard. Then, we broke into D groups and talked about the lesson.


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