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Golden Isles FCA Power Camp 

Date: August 3-5, 2015 (Mon-Wed)

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: First Baptist Church Brunswick

Ages: 8 – 12

Cost: $10.00

Includes: Lunch, Camp Bible & Camp T-Shirt
The sport focus will be Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee & Fitness.


2015 Golden Isles FCA Mission Trip



Good Evening,

We have arrived safely on Spanish Wells after a long, long day of travel. After starting our day early in the Winn-Dixie parking lot, we began the adventure in Jacksonville. We successfully got to Atlanta, then to Nassau. After about a 5 hour layover and many doughnuts later, we took two separate planes to Eleuthera. Everyone arrived safely to Spanish Wells and got settled. We met with the Boykin family and heard a deep word from Trey(a Leader) about how to be a follower of Christ, rather than just a believer. We are all extremely exhausted and eager to rest up for the first day of missions. We look forward to a day of community service in the morning and fellowship with the children in the afternoon. We will keep in touch daily and no worries, shoutouts will be here


Today was our first day doing Mission work! We started the day with a lesson from Mrs. Amy Boykin about digging deeper and figuring out why God called each of us on this trip and what he wants of us. After, we each had our quiet time then headed to the ferry to depart for Blackwoods. Once we arrived in the village we were able to see the new community center, built by the Boykins, that has been a work in progress over the past year. The girls and guys split up into two different groups. The girls put together a fence around the perimeter of the building. The guys built a chicken coop for the village economy. This chicken coop was built for the villagers in hopes that they make a living off the chickens as well as use them for food supply. After completing the fence and chicken coop, we headed back to Spanish Wells for lunch. After lunch and some free time, we headed back to Blackwoods to play with the children. We arrived and were greeted by many children in the field. We played around and had a big game of kickball. Mrs. Amber led a lesson about Adam and Eve with help from Rett(Adam), Taylor Crawford(Eve), and Anna Jane(The Serpent). We said our temporary goodbyes to the kids and returned home. We all jumped on the golf carts when we got home and headed to the bridge. A year later, we finally got Maddie Anderson to jump! We had an awesome dinner and game of what are the odds, resulting in Will Owens wearing a dress the rest of the night. Our lesson tonight was from Mr. Tim and was about listening to God's voice and hearing what He has to say. We end the day in our small groups and are excited for another day to serve and do what we've all been called to do!


Rett Thompson: Hey Mom, Dad, Will, and Hamp! I'm havin a good time, living the life. See ya soon!
Brooke Bourne: Hands are good. I hate the one piece, and I found a rat under my bed. other than that, life is good!
Emily Harrison: Hey Mom and Dad! I'm having so much fun!! So excited for what else lies ahead this week! Can't wait to see y'all


Hello, we have figured out the blogging situation, thankfully! Here are the blog updates created by the kids from the past few days!

Hello Everyone,
It’s been a very long day. We had our morning devo from Mrs. Amber. She talked about running a marathon and how God has your specific path and pace for your life. We headed to Blackwoods fro the morning to complete the chicken coops and the guys built a second coop(which the girls painted). That was interesting because some of us were put inside the coop to paint with the chickens walking around our feet. After that we returned home and ate. A large group went to the bridge to swim and we finally got Anna Jane to jump off! In the afternoon, we got back to Blackwoods to play with thekids. Our lesson for them was about the walls of Jericho and we played a relay race with the children after. One little girl brought notes to us that said, “I Love You, Love Shavannah” and it was awesome to see the love from the children. We also passed out baby clothes to a new set of twins and it was really cool to see how excited the mom was to receive these clothes. Relationships are being built and it is awesome to see how each one of us connects in different ways with the children. Whether it is Ryan carrying Mike on his shoulders, or Alana holding baby Justin, or John Mitchell swinging the little girls, it’s so cool to witness people stepping out of their comfortzone to show love to these kids. The guys also played a pick-up basketball game as well. WE ventured back home and prepared for dinner. Our lesson this evening came from Taylor Harden. He spoke about having passion in your relationship with Christ and finding the root of your sin. We had a great time of worship where everyone had the chance to reflect and discover where they are in their walk with Christ. We have another long day ahead of us tomorrow and we look forward to touching base once again!

Bailey Mercer: Hey Mom, Dad, Kirk, I’m having an awesome time. Everyone is helping me keep up with my stuff so that is good! Can’t wait to see you!
Ryan Steilen: Hey Brett
Caroline Ansel: Hey Mom! Hope your having fun in North Carolina! I’m making memories and having a great time with everyone. Thanks for this opportunity! Love you!
George Poulakis: Hey Mom!

Hey Everyone,
This morning we started the morning with a lesson from Carly, an intern, who gave her testimony about learning to trust God. After, we went to the village to take part in Feed the Village. We split into two different groups and went around the village giving bags of beans and rice to different houses! We each prayed over the house and the family living within. That was amazing to see how much one bag of beans and rice can affect someone. We loaded up the buses and headed to Ben’s Bay to take the kids swimming! Emily Harrison taught her little girl how to swim and she said that was awesome! We also went on an adventure to the Blue Hole where everyone made the courageous jump into the cold, blue water. Rachel Harden and The Wrights got here safely, and we are thankful for their safe travels. Tonight we had our bonfire with testimonies from Caroline Ansel, Alana Daniel, Alex Dunn, and Manning Mercer. Hearing what God is doing and has done in these girls lives was amazing to hear for the adults and especially the other kids on the trip.


Hey! This morning we had morning devo from Mr. Wright and he talked about using our words to build others up instead of tear them down. After this we went to youth group and church. After church we had lunch and prepared for the afternoon in blackwoods. Once we got there, all the kids and families were just getting home from church. We played for a little while with a soccer game to engage everyone. At the end of the day we had the lesson. The Lesson was presented through a skit, known as the “Stuck in Sin” skit. Thanks for Ryan, Manning, Bailey, Maddie, Luckett, and John Mitchell, this skit was made possible. Simms did an AMAZING job presenting the Gospel after! The kids were truly listening to what she had to say. We are back at the house tonight, getting ready for dinner. We can’t wait to hear what Alec, an intern, is speaking to us about tonight!

Thanks so much for your patience! We’ve had some difficulties with my my email. I will do my best to keep you posted over the next few days!-Manning


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